My current research interests are in the broad fields of combinatorics and algebraic geometry, more specifically in algebraic statistics.  The majority of my previous work has been done in the area of structural identifiability analysis of specific models including LCR circuit systems and linear compartmental models.



  1. Identifiability of linear compartmental tree models
    Cashous Bortner, Elizabeth Gross, Nicolette Meshkat, Anne Shiu, and Seth Sullivant.
    Submitted. Preprint available from: 2106.08487
  2. Identifiable paths and cycles in linear compartmental models
    Cashous Bortner and Nicolette Meshkat.
    Accepted to the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology.
    Preprint available from: 2010.07203


  1. Structural Identifiability of Series-Parallel LCR Systems
    Cashous Bortner and Seth Sullivant.
    Journal of Symbolic Computation, Volume 112, September–October 2022, Pages 79-104.
    Preprint available from: 2107.06271
  2. The set splittability problem
    Peter Bernstein, Cashous Bortner, Samuel Coskey, Shuni Li, Connor Simpson
    Australasian Journal of Combinatorics Volume 75(2) (2019), Pages 190-209.
    Preprint available from: 1611.01542